The school is central to providing safety as well as an education

More than just a place to learn, vulnerable children can sleep and eat there too

The school partially opened on the 10th of January 2022, when Covid-19 restrictions were lifted in Uganda and it was granted a licence to operate by the Ugandan Government. It aims to provide a safe environment, an education, food, love, support, play, medical treatment and more for vulnerable children and babies suffering extreme poverty, children dumped and abandoned, but above all it aims to give children the opportunity to escape poverty and give them hope for a future, hope for a better life…
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Progress is slow due to lack of funds

With the largest economies around the world all struggling to recover from the debilitating effect of lockdown measures imposed to combat Covid -19, the news that Russia had invaded Ukraine came as a real hammer blow. The resulting rise in the the costs and collapse in exchange rates have hindered even the most generous people in donating. People have still been very generous, but we have seen donation levels drop since the pandemic. The knock on effect of this has meant that the building programme has been slow and monies raised are just keeping the school operational while taking the opportunity to build when the money is available.

Building benches for the children

Tools and the finance to build a woodwork training centre were both donated by kind ‘Friends of the Emily Collins School’. It is called ‘Jim’s Shed’ because Jim’s two daughters donated everything to set this up once Jim, their father, had died. This now serves as a workshop providing furniture for the school and is almost self – sufficient through selling furniture to local community and will take on apprentices to train youngsters in carpentry.
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To become a centre of excellence for providing education and wiping out ignorance through skills development in the served community for a productive national development.


To provide a holistic education to the orphans and vulnerable children through spiritual, cognitive, physical and social empowerment development approach in the served communities.

Our Aims and Objectives

  • Our aims and objectives focus on addressing positive national development:
    Increase the number of children attending education and extend adult literacy services to empower communities and facilitate productivity.
  • Establish various advocacy initiative outreaches to help caregivers and vulnerable children appreciate the value of education.
  • Empower children and caregivers through spiritual development basing on our vision from John 14:2 “In my father’s house there are many rooms…I go to prepare a place for you’’.
  • Advocate for the rights of orphans and vulnerable children, in order to make a positive impact in their lives now allowing them to develop into fulfilled adults.
  • Provide medical care and extend water services to families in need, addressing sanitation and hygiene related challenges.
  • Train communities in environmental conservation and climate change as a means to sustain the environment.
  • Increase the number of parents and caregivers accessing positive parenting services.
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