A refuge for boys and girls providing regular food as well as an education

Success, Vision and Obvious now go to school

These three girls are some of the lucky ones in the village. ‘Lucky’ is a relative term here but at least they now have the chance to escape poverty. Their rabbits were stolen and their house fell down but with help from Martin and OFHM they have a new house, more rabbits and are back at school again.

Sponsor a child and give them a lifeline

Martin often says how happy the children are when they are told they have secured a sponsor. Well, we now know what an understatement this is… Sarah and I witnessed the absolute untold joy Patricia displayed upon hearing the news! We were visiting Anita who lives nearby and they are close friends but the difference between the two was stark. It was an emotional moment and just so heartening to see their joy being doubled…

As a result of being sponsored this young girl has been given a lifeline and has hope, the wound on her leg has been treated, she has received a mattress, food and clothing and she attended the open day with the other children at the community centre. When school started again in January 2022, she joined her friend there and, whilst it was a wonderful experience for her, it was also so encouraging for us to see that the work of OFHM that we support is so effective..

Remember, ‘sponsoring a child’ is a serious commitment it is not just for Christmas, but if you are interested in seeing how you could sponsor a child in Kisoro please go directly to Martin Duhimbaze at Our Father’s House Ministries.

  • Sponsoring a child £35.00 a month
  • Sponsoring an apprentice would be £30.00 a month

Every child gets a proper meal

We aim to provide food for them every day they are attending school and in most cases even when they are not. Many of these children are not used to eating regularly so the school employs two cooks to make sure they receive good portions of healthy, nutritious food. It is vital that to make the most of their opportunity they must have sufficient energy and stimulus to concentrate and play while they are in school.

Proud of their new school uniform

In February 2022 a very good friend and and long time business partner of OFHM and the Emily Collins School designed a new logo to be used on the roadsigns, their new school uniforms and the paperwork. Indeed, overnight a completely new identify was born. It had to be bright and colourful and it had to inspire the children. Well, Dave at CreativeByte certainly did that, so once again, well done and thank you Dave. The upshot of this new logo was quite surprising though. Martin and his team chose some material to make the uniforms and when they were embroidered with the logo and given out to the children, they absolutely loved them, so much so that they didn’t want to take them off!

Happy days

These little Ugandan children are singing so enthusiastically and dancing so energetically at playtime. They have much to be thankful for now they are in school and they are happy to celebrate their new found blessings and opportunities…

School life for the lucky few

These adorable children are two of the lucky ones! Unlike many, they do have a father and mother who both love them, but because there is no work available locally, their dad has gone to work overseas and their mother lives alone. As you can see from their smiles they are very happy to be in school and so proud to wear their new uniforms.  Indeed, these two are very lucky because although there are over 80 children at the school now there are many more who are who are still desperate for a sponsor….

Perhaps you could give a child some hope of a better future…

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