100% of your money goes towards building a better future for a child in need.

Our School

The Emily Collins School is on the outskirts of Kisoro in SW Uganda, very close to the borders with Rwanda and the DRC. When I say close, I mean very close… less than 10km.

About the children

By building a school we are providing food, love, support, play, medical treatment and more for vulnerable children and babies who have suffered extreme poverty, children dumped and abandoned, double orphans and widowed mothers.

Our Story –
Emily was the inspiration to help raise funds

Emily was diagnosed with bone cancer and started an eight month programme of chemotherapy intravenously into her heart. Defying medical advice and showing great courage she travelled to Uganda and spent 4 months as a volunteer to help improve the lives of street children in Jinja, that’s where the story starts but it doesn’t end there….


Our Father’s House Ministries (OFHM) is a Christian charity based in Rukungiri. It rescues children at risk  and many people from the UK and US sponsor children through OFHM. It has raised funds for several projects from buying land to building a piggery to buying a vehicle to get children to school and a motorbike to get around the villages. Its ambition now is to complete the building of the Emily Collins School where children can live, learn and develop in a safe environment – a sanctuary.

Sponsor a child to offer them a lifeline

As a result of being sponsored this young girl has been given a lifeline and has hope, the wound on her leg has been treated, she has received a mattress, food and clothing and she attended the open day with the other children at the community centre. When school started again in January 2022, she joined her friend there and, whilst it was a wonderful experience for her, it was also so encouraging for us to see that the work of OFHM that we support is so effective..

We need to raise £350,000 to build the school

  • 2019 October – December £16,582 raised 4.8% 4.8%
  • 2020 January – December £21,092 raised – running total £37,674 10.76% 10.76%
  • 2021 January – December £47,218 raised – running total £84,892 24.25% 24.25%
  • 2022 January – December £24,609 raised – Total raised so far:  £109,502 31.03% 31.03%
  • 2023 January – December £21,250 raised – Total raised so far: £130,752 37.4% 37.4%
  • 2024 January – March £12 ,328 raised – Total raised so far:  £143,080 40.9% 40.9%

See the latest news and progress

One Million Steps!

One Million Steps!

One Million Steps! We’d like to invite you to join us in a virtual ‘walk around the world in 80 days’. Get fit, improve your well being and raise money to rescue vulnerable children from the fields, streets and jungles around Kisoro. My friend Greg...

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Fundraising support – 2024 Calendars

Fundraising support – 2024 Calendars

We are able to offer the choice of 2 different calendars for 2024. All we ask is a donation of £15 per calendar and, as you know, 100% of your donation goes directly to the school. Here are photos of the content in the calendars...please click on...

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September 2023 Activity Update

September 2023 Activity Update

Lots going on at The Emily Collins School…children being creative, teachers having meetings and everyone having fun in the sunshine! Thank you for your ongoing support as we continue our building programme [gallery...

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