Your help will make a lifetime of difference to a child 

WHY Donate

Martin, who manages everything to do with the school (Who is Martin Duhimbaze) often says how happy the children are when they are told they have secured a sponsor. Well, we now know what an understatement this is….When we were there in December 2021 my wife, Sarah and I witnessed the absolute untold joy Patricia displayed upon hearing the news! We were visiting Anita who lives nearby and they are close friends but the difference between the two was stark. It was an emotional moment and just so heartening to see their joy being doubled…

We help children in need regardless of race, religion or gender, especially in the areas of providing education, medical care and subsistence.

We are very happy to accept donations online through PayPal, please use the link.

How could your donation make a real difference?

  • £10 pays for books 
  • £31 pays for a desk
  • £35 a month sponsors a child
  • £100 helps build a school where children can thrive

Not only is the Emily Collins School fundraising to build a much needed school it also aims to sponsor children to enable them to get away from the poverty in the area. With your help, we wish to provide those children with a better future where they can thrive.

We are in constant communication with Martin who looks after the children and oversees the progress on the school so we have details about how your money is being used. Join our facebook page to keep up to date with all the progress being made.

So – how can you help?

  • The aim is to raise £350,000.00 for the school
  • Sponsoring a child £35.00 a month
  • An apprenticeship would be £30.00 a month

Please help us raise these funds by donating or fundraising for us – your support can make all the difference

A big THANK YOU for your help

How do I sponsor a child and what will that mean?

If you would like to sponsor a child that attends or would like to attend the Emily Collins School please contact Martin Duhimbaze directly HERE

Fundraising ideas

Would you like to organise an event with us? Are you able to display our flyer to help publicise our work? Or do you have an idea to help us spread the word about our mission and raise funds? We’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch!

If you’re a business

1. How can businesses help raise money for us? Here are a few suggestions

● choose us as your company’s sponsored charity
● hold fundraising days or events
● link to us on your website and social media
● donate your company’s services to us

If you’re an individual

2. Sponsored events

● organise a fundraising event for us
● a coffee morning
● a raffle
● a sponsored walk, anything you like!

Give Back

3. Make a Donation online

All contributions go directly towards building the Emily Collins School

Speak Up

4. Spread the Word

● tell your friends about us
● help us find places to advertise and fundraise
● follow us on facebook

Why not use your skills to raise money…

Emily’s father is a photographer; everything he produces is FREE, well free in exchange for a minimum donation to the charity. Have a look at his website to see the range of wildlife and landscape prints, greetings cards, Christmas cards and calendars that could be yours.

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