On going projects to improve life

Kisoro – Projects


Rescuing children from the streets and villages around Kisoro

This is a new project in Gatovu Village, Kisoro and, so far, of the 80 children rescued and attending the school only four of them have sponsors so there is a huge need to find more people to support these and more children who are in dire need of help.

Building and operating the Emily Collins School

The work on building the school was started in September 2019 and the school actually opened the ground floor in January 2022. This has been an amazing achievement, but there is a long way to go to fulfil the dream and plans to build a fully functional and effective 3 storey school, nursery, infirmary and community centre.

Uganda Craftwork

Again, many of the ladies and children in the Kisoro area are very creative and skilful at making beautiful handmade African crafts. Martin collects them and takes them to Rukungiri to be sold in Jim’s Shed to raise money for them.

Supporting the families of the children

OFHM often supplies support in the form of animals, crops, food but it also provides advice and guidance in many areas which are helpful. Helping to set up community saving clubs, self sufficiency lessons in farming and agriculture.

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